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Taking a break….


Its been a bit of time since I last wrote on here  – life has been busy and time has gotten away from me. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been away long but then it does. Weird huh?!

Actually time just seems to be fading away into one continual moment. I often find myself thinking back to a “moment” in time however I cannot accurately say how long ago it was, as it feels just like yesterday but may be weeks, months or years may have passed. 

Has anyone had this same perception of time recently? What do you think it means?

I feel myself evolving more into my higher self – a loving, compassionate and peaceful being open to the experiences in life and whatever lessons there are for me to learn. I’m letting go of the concept of good and bad, meaning there just is……it is our perception that creates whether we perceive a situation to be good or bad. This is not our true reality, it is a figment of our imagination. 

I wonder, what experiences in your life have created your story that is unfolding as we speak. I’m truly interested to hear others’ stories and experiences. I look forward to hearing from you…

Love and light to you all… Ms C. ❤️


Let’s get it on….ooooh yeah!

Let’s get it on….ooooh yeah!

The sound of Mavin Gaye, “let’s get it on” starts to play in my mind when I observe the convergence of the planets Jupiter and Venus.

You may think, wow what a lovely partnership, well they will be moving away from each other soon. So during this time you can do a few things. But before we get in to that, you should know that Venus is associated with the Heart chakra = love and Jupiter is associated with the throat Chakra = communication.  

Really simply put, if you are looking to re-ignite a romance; start a love affair; form a deeper level partnership with a loved one, now is the time to do it. And if you’re living in Australia, the new moon is about to rear it’s beautiful energy tomorrow at 12:30ish (pm). And what’s so significant about the new moon you ask?! What a great question!  This is a great time to take the plunge – take action and cement in any intentions you may have around partnerships / friendships / love. 

You can:

  • Create a vision board of your dreams and keep near it a rose quartz crystal.  
  • Write down your desires and bury it in the earth – on biodegradable paper would be awesome!
  • You could even do the old fashioned thing and sit in a quiet place, free from any technological distractions and talk with your partner about your hearts desires. 

This is a chance to be open and honest about your desires and really kickstart the direction you would like to me to head. 

Ohh it’s a great time tomorrow to put out any crystals for recharging too!

As always, would love to hear your thoughts.

Light and love….. Ms. C ❤️

My experience with past life regression therapy


Yesterday I went on an adventure, a journey to be more aware of how my past lives have impacted and impact on my current life. 

As it often happens to me, I was back and forth and in two minds about whether or not I should actually go through with the session. Well obviously I made the choice to go.

Before going I wrote down a list of stuff that I have found have been blockages for me, some I’m aware of, some I actually have a feeling about. But there was also a list of what I wanted to get out of it. Honestly….I really just wanted to be more aware of my self, my TRUE SELF.

So it began…….under a trance like state but also fully aware of what was happening.

I was taken back to the most recent time I felt sad/grief/loss. The most recent time was with the loss of my grandmother. As the timeline began to work its way back, I had spoken about memories that I had forgotten were even there. Then came to my birth, how traumatic that was and how I realised we actually remembered that! It was very fascinating!

  (Image taken from

Then came beyond this current life and trekking back down along the timeline into the first occasion my mind experienced sadness/loss/grief. It was the year 1352.

The picture from my minds eye showed me that I was a young boy, 7 years old, playing with my older brother and we were playing a game. The ‘scene’ turned to me chasing the ball, then falling into a swamp. I was struggling and the more I struggled, the more the reeds around my leg tightened. Then as I took my last breath and my brother finally realised what had happened it was all too late. I ascended above watching what my brother was doing. So much sadness and grief. I couldn’t leave. I didn’t leave. 

I continued to watch over my family. I waited until my mother was on her death bed and finally realised I would no longer be alone – that we could ascend together. As we ascended I felt my mother was reluctant to leave as she torn between my brother and I – my brother suffering the grief of both our deaths, my mother decided to stay with him. Although sad and angry I ascended anyway.

I came to an area where there were other lost souls. But I was able to meet up with the higher ones, masters. They were really tall, thin green beings, with long limbs and a halo of energy and light around them. They helped me to review my life and I called upon my spirit guides, to help me understand the lesson I needed to learn – LOVE IS TIMELESS!!

I had an opportunity to learn and let go of the burden I carried during this life which also impacted on my current life. As I was able to share this experience with both my spirit guides and also some loved ones that had passed on, it felt amazing.  Once coming out of the regressions he first thing I noticed was I felt different. I can’t describe it in any other way apart from that. Other stuff I noticed:

  • I now realise that this young boy I was, was trying to communicate with me in so many different ways, through reiki healing, meditations and dreams – I just didn’t know what it all meant!
  • Warmth and pulsating Heart Chakra
  • My third eye chakra was working overtime, seeing beautiful colours and images of other chakras affected. I saw red, orange, yellow, green and purple. 
  • Movement and opened of solar plexus
  • The sharp stabbing pain I experienced in my regression in my root and sacral chakra disappeared 
  • The worsening pain in my gut disappeared 
  • I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and neck. These muscles had been so tense of late, and it just started to go like jelly and loose. 

I definitely would do it again and it has been helpful in me connecting the dots in my current life. 

I would love to hear feedback about your thoughts, any experiences you may be facing in a similar way. Thanks for letting me share.

Love and Light….Ms C. ❤️

Bang Bang, she shot me down BANG BANG! 


Awake at 3:17am……again! Argh I hate when I awake at this time and then I can’t get back to sleep. I do know there is a major shift happening in my life, I just need to go with the flow. I do get caught up sometimes with focusing on this that haven’t happened yet, but this thought pattern is becoming few and far between. 

I can’t really all of my dream, but there was one thing that stood out to me the most. My heart beats faster as I’m recalling my dream.

I’m at work, and I am attending to someone who has just walked into the office. They are agitated, I can see that, but I put on my game face and ask “how can I help you?”, in a polite manner. She says “I’m after Cheryl”. My heart sunk, I had a bad feeling about acknowledging  to the lady that in fact I am Cheryl. I ignored this blatant warning and said “Yes I’m Cheryl”.   (Image taken from

Time slowed down and I distinctly remember watching her face change as she began to pull out a revolver, cock the hammer and shot the first bullet. I felt the burning warmt of the bullet piercing my heart as I began to fall backwards. The song “bang bang” started to play….

Bang bang, she shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, a lady shot me down

As time sped up as I realised 6 bullets were sunk into my chest even before hitting the ground. I could feel the warmth of my candy apple blood pouring out of my heart, and as I was searching for others to help me as a lay there motionless, my vision turned blurry and everything went black.
And just like that nothingness….. I urged myself that I wanted another shot to change the outcome. So I had another go….this time I denied I was Cheryl , and I thought I was going to get away with it, as the lady was just about to exit, but then someone called my name! Damn it, I thought. The lady swiftly turned, chased me as I tried to run away. It was too late, this time I was shot in the back, with so much more force and aggression. I died instantly…..then I awoke.

My interpretation of this dream: 

  • Acceptance of all parts of myself
  • Major Change coming, start of a new life cycle for me.
  • Change or transition of work
  • Abundance 

Power in numbers also, as I continually wake up at the same time. As I looked this number up, this is what it means (taken from the Doreen virtue angel numbers app))  

I’d love to know your thoughts, about my dream or to hear about your dream experiences.

Love and light to you all…Ms C. ❤️

Connecting with a past life??


At my meditation group on Tuesday, we did a chakra cleansing and connecting of the chakras. It was also a night about healing. We then spent some time doing a positive affirmation circle, where we fed into our energy with this wonderful energy. This was just such an energetic experience! I felt like I was buzzing and so alive.

As we began to prepare for the healing work, by forming an energy ball between my hands, I started to drift into abut of a trance.  Now this certainly doesn’t happen to me all the time, I was curious, I just let it happen and explored what was about to come up. I experienced a vision of ‘myself’ in a time back in 1592 (as it initially started out) and I could see myself as a war time doctor, as I was scanning around on what seemed to be a battle field, with piles of bodies everywhere, limp with a schrapnel embedded into them all. It was like a bomb had just gone off. I remember seeing a lady, I cant remember what her name was or why she was there – but I know she was significant.

 ( Image from 
Now the timing of this doesn’t shock me, as I decided to partake in a past life regression session in the next few days. I do believe this has something to do with the block that I am experiencing in my life at the moment. Although I’ve yet to meditate on this vision I saw, I know that an answer will come up when I am in my session.

I am really curious to know others thoughts on the subject, have you ever experienced a past life vision?? Did you know what is was?? How did you deal with it?? Please leave a comment if you feel necessary. 

Love and light…..Ms C. ❤️

Open your eyes


Meditation tonight involved clearing and unblocking chakras and intertwining the energies of the chakras into one balanced aligned set of energy points. 

In doing this, I was aware of movements in my sacral chakra. I actively listened to what my body was trying to tell me.  Funny enough this is an area I have been meditating on and the colour orange is also surrounding me in my room – bright orange bed spread and bright orange light fills my room. Can it be anymore obvious!  Yet only now I have been aware and paid more attention. 

This chakra is about creativity and I wouldn’t consider myself to be creative at all. Lucky enough it was a night filled with mandalas and divination drawing – challenging my creative juices and allowing them to flow.
My mandala I coloured in, after many broken pencils ends, a lot of squeaking from the hard pressed pencils and decisions about colours. In the end I think it turned out beautiful!

I concentrated on this a while to see what I could pick up on. There’s a few common themes:-

1. Take flight – exploration – into the abyss – another galaxy  (where the UFOs go).

2. 4 elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air + love = fifth element. Currently utilise / possess two main elements – air, earth.

3. New cycle – however only half way of a much larger cycle (14 years). 7 more years to go. Not currently aligned. 

4. Ankh – more balance and everything done in love. 

These themes have been coming through to me in the last week in other forms, yet it really spoke to me tonight. 

After this, I completed a divination drawing. This is what came to me in the way of images and words.

I pictured the Vitruvian Man and as I began to draw the lines, this transformed into something more. The image became symmetrical, like a mirror of what is and what is to become. I started to think the image was the world but this morphed into an eye. 

How was I perceiving the world around me?
What couldn’t I see? 
What was I ignoring?

These were all valid questions as the picture started to become clearer for me. It was about accepting all “parts” of myself. To achieve balance and to unlock my full potential – the time was now! Stop procrastinating! This is definitely something I have been doing for a while now, but the urgency to do something is becoming more evident!

Here is my image.

Id be happy to hear thoughts about my post, whether you are also experiencing the same thing or whether you feel anything about the images I’ve put up. 

Love and light to all….Ms C. ❤️ 

Acknowledging our Ancestry


Today is ANZAC (Australia, New Zealand Army Corps) day in Australia, acknowledging our ancestors who fought so hard for our right to freedom. Every year Australians wear a poppy flower, in rememberance for the sacrafices that these solder men and women made. The symbolism for the use poppies is two fold.


  1. Firstly, after the long and arduous battle ended in Gallipoli, the poppy flower was the first flower to sprout on the earth where so much blood shed and where lives where lost. This is a time for renewal. Did you know that the poppy flower bud hangs their ‘head’, just before the flower blooms so brightly!
  2. On a deeper, more spiritual level the poppy flower sprouting from the earth is quite significant.  Spiritually, the red poppy symbolises the root chakra, our connectedness, our grounding, and without it, we aren’t able to progress up through the other chakras to be connected through to our crown chakra, therefore not being connected to the divine. The poppy is symbolic of many divine messages that may be awakened through our dreams – if we are aware enough to pay attention to these. It also serves as a reminder the great impacts of our ancestors on our lives today. 

And although you may or may not have met some of your ancestors, ask yourself this, are you carrying their story into your own life – whether that be good or bad. 

Much love and light to you all….Ms. C ❤️

Become one with the self


What a way to be woken up in the morning……with a baby bat flying around my room, bouncing off the blades of my fan as it spun! With my cat meowing away almost like it had caught the bat and brought it into my room to acknowledge how proud of her I should be. No time to really think, 10 minutes it took to rid myself of the bat, not the most pleasant wake up call! 

After the drama though, I realised there’s a great opportunity for a message…I mean why else does a bat fly into your room in the early hours of the morning? My first thought came to me, in my bat man voice I said in my head 

“I am bat man!” And an image of ‘me’ as bat man took off like a bat out of hell and started to help people…strange. Very strange indeed!

At first I had abit of a chuckle to myself at the thought of me saying I am bat man, but I thought about what this could all mean. Thinking about the characteristics of a bat, how the bat was behaving, I started to dicipher the following:

  • It’s about letting go of the past values that no longer serves me at this time and reflecting on these. 
  • Transformation from the old into the new. Leading with a divine focus rather than based from the ego!
  • Confirmation of hearing vital messages that need to be passed on to others.
  • It’s about honing in on my talents and abilities

When you are more aware of the messages being sent to you, life seems to just work, it seems to flow. No resistance, just letting life unfold in front of your eyes.  I’m excited about what is coming up ahead!

Love and light…..Ms. C ❤️

Uncovering the real truths


Tonight at group Meditation we were doing candle gazing. I’ve never done this before but like everything new, I just jump straight into it! 

As I began to slow my breathing and look into the slightly flickering flame of the candle, I began to see a variety of images. As I continued to gaze, we were then asked to pour some wax into a bowl of water.

My first image was of the earth and as i continued to gaze at this wax image, it started to move and twist. Then it started to form into what appeared to be yin/yang symbol. 

I intuitively sensed that there was a need for balance in the earth, as Mother Earth is out of balance. 

As I continued on, I was taken back to a time long ago. I had a vision of a darkened or eclipsed sun and adjoining to it, was an symbol that looked like a jaw with two teeth. It transitioned twice, finishing on the final image. I sketched these images, so I’m limited by the extent of my sketching skills.

My visions then moved to an image of a being, kind of reminded me of something that was of Mayan origin. I have sketched as best as I could translate the image from my head. 

As I looked into the water where I had dropped the wax earlier, I noticed the wax had transformed into a being. I began to intuitively feel an image of this being in my minds eye, that was not quite human, lying on a stone alter waiting for a chief / medicine Man to sacrifice it. As I visioned this sacrifice take place, looking back at the wax, it started to separate as it mimicked the vision I just witnessed.

Coming toward the end of the session, I intently asked what I needed to learn from this experience.

Several main themes emerged:

  • Mother Earth is weeping and is out of balance.
  • Some sacrifice is needed to heal the wounds Mother Earth has endured.
  • Our Ancestors are trying to reach out to us, if we are willing to listen.

Love and light

Ms. C ❤️