Releasing and journey sharing


Yesterday was such an interesting day, there was a lovely energy to it. Spent the time with my family and felt really connected, on so many levels. Something I’ve really been longing for, for some time as my immediate family is not close in location.  A lot of conversation was had about different connections within the family and I’m not surprised by this because yesterday was the opening of the Lions Gate Portal. I felt energetic but also felt tired, almost a calmness. But I also started to feel some of the physical symptoms of ascension. Headachey, achey, moody, restless and just feeling swollen. I did some reiki with my crystal quartz wand and it help the pain ease enough to atleast be comfortable. 

As I laid in bed trying to sleep, different creative ideas just flowed to me. Something small that was blocked had dislodged, and some things that I had been putting off for some time in regards to future life purpose, have began to move and shift. As I began to nod off, I started to enter lucid dreaming. I can’t exactly remember the totality of my dream but the gist of what I can remember was about love, relationships, male figure role models, and LOTS of cash!   

  As I started my day today, I asked the universe to show me what I could do to help. I definitely was not motivated to get out of bed, just felt like resting because both my shoulders was hurting bad, in particular, my left side (masculine side). This really coincided with my dream last night. I was releasing ALOT to do with the masculine (men)! people in my life. The energy radiating down my arm, out of my hand was phenomenal. 

As the day progressed, I felt as those I was just kicking goals, really connecting to source. I came across several people today’s, whose stories really resonated with mine in some elements. I was so inspired, moved, amazed and felt there were lessons to be learned, stuff to release. We connected on a soul level, helping each other out. Being compassionate human beings. It helped me to be aware of things that if thought I had released but hadn’t released on all levels.  I felt my life purpose in full swing today. Using my words to connect soulfully, purposefully with others who just needed to hear what they were looking for, at the right time to hear and be aware. And at this time with the opening of the Lions Gate Portal it is even more evident that the energy we are experiencing is powerful and magnificent.  

How was this Lions Gate Portal affected your life at this time? What have you noticed aid happening for you at this time? What lessons will you or are you learning right now? 

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself… And I would love to hear all about it! 

With love and gratitude xo

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