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Bang Bang, she shot me down BANG BANG! 


Awake at 3:17am……again! Argh I hate when I awake at this time and then I can’t get back to sleep. I do know there is a major shift happening in my life, I just need to go with the flow. I do get caught up sometimes with focusing on this that haven’t happened yet, but this thought pattern is becoming few and far between. 

I can’t really all of my dream, but there was one thing that stood out to me the most. My heart beats faster as I’m recalling my dream.

I’m at work, and I am attending to someone who has just walked into the office. They are agitated, I can see that, but I put on my game face and ask “how can I help you?”, in a polite manner. She says “I’m after Cheryl”. My heart sunk, I had a bad feeling about acknowledging  to the lady that in fact I am Cheryl. I ignored this blatant warning and said “Yes I’m Cheryl”.   (Image taken from

Time slowed down and I distinctly remember watching her face change as she began to pull out a revolver, cock the hammer and shot the first bullet. I felt the burning warmt of the bullet piercing my heart as I began to fall backwards. The song “bang bang” started to play….

Bang bang, she shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, a lady shot me down

As time sped up as I realised 6 bullets were sunk into my chest even before hitting the ground. I could feel the warmth of my candy apple blood pouring out of my heart, and as I was searching for others to help me as a lay there motionless, my vision turned blurry and everything went black.
And just like that nothingness….. I urged myself that I wanted another shot to change the outcome. So I had another go….this time I denied I was Cheryl , and I thought I was going to get away with it, as the lady was just about to exit, but then someone called my name! Damn it, I thought. The lady swiftly turned, chased me as I tried to run away. It was too late, this time I was shot in the back, with so much more force and aggression. I died instantly…..then I awoke.

My interpretation of this dream: 

  • Acceptance of all parts of myself
  • Major Change coming, start of a new life cycle for me.
  • Change or transition of work
  • Abundance 

Power in numbers also, as I continually wake up at the same time. As I looked this number up, this is what it means (taken from the Doreen virtue angel numbers app))  

I’d love to know your thoughts, about my dream or to hear about your dream experiences.

Love and light to you all…Ms C. ❤️

Connecting with a past life??


At my meditation group on Tuesday, we did a chakra cleansing and connecting of the chakras. It was also a night about healing. We then spent some time doing a positive affirmation circle, where we fed into our energy with this wonderful energy. This was just such an energetic experience! I felt like I was buzzing and so alive.

As we began to prepare for the healing work, by forming an energy ball between my hands, I started to drift into abut of a trance.  Now this certainly doesn’t happen to me all the time, I was curious, I just let it happen and explored what was about to come up. I experienced a vision of ‘myself’ in a time back in 1592 (as it initially started out) and I could see myself as a war time doctor, as I was scanning around on what seemed to be a battle field, with piles of bodies everywhere, limp with a schrapnel embedded into them all. It was like a bomb had just gone off. I remember seeing a lady, I cant remember what her name was or why she was there – but I know she was significant.

 ( Image from 
Now the timing of this doesn’t shock me, as I decided to partake in a past life regression session in the next few days. I do believe this has something to do with the block that I am experiencing in my life at the moment. Although I’ve yet to meditate on this vision I saw, I know that an answer will come up when I am in my session.

I am really curious to know others thoughts on the subject, have you ever experienced a past life vision?? Did you know what is was?? How did you deal with it?? Please leave a comment if you feel necessary. 

Love and light…..Ms C. ❤️

Open your eyes


Meditation tonight involved clearing and unblocking chakras and intertwining the energies of the chakras into one balanced aligned set of energy points. 

In doing this, I was aware of movements in my sacral chakra. I actively listened to what my body was trying to tell me.  Funny enough this is an area I have been meditating on and the colour orange is also surrounding me in my room – bright orange bed spread and bright orange light fills my room. Can it be anymore obvious!  Yet only now I have been aware and paid more attention. 

This chakra is about creativity and I wouldn’t consider myself to be creative at all. Lucky enough it was a night filled with mandalas and divination drawing – challenging my creative juices and allowing them to flow.
My mandala I coloured in, after many broken pencils ends, a lot of squeaking from the hard pressed pencils and decisions about colours. In the end I think it turned out beautiful!

I concentrated on this a while to see what I could pick up on. There’s a few common themes:-

1. Take flight – exploration – into the abyss – another galaxy  (where the UFOs go).

2. 4 elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air + love = fifth element. Currently utilise / possess two main elements – air, earth.

3. New cycle – however only half way of a much larger cycle (14 years). 7 more years to go. Not currently aligned. 

4. Ankh – more balance and everything done in love. 

These themes have been coming through to me in the last week in other forms, yet it really spoke to me tonight. 

After this, I completed a divination drawing. This is what came to me in the way of images and words.

I pictured the Vitruvian Man and as I began to draw the lines, this transformed into something more. The image became symmetrical, like a mirror of what is and what is to become. I started to think the image was the world but this morphed into an eye. 

How was I perceiving the world around me?
What couldn’t I see? 
What was I ignoring?

These were all valid questions as the picture started to become clearer for me. It was about accepting all “parts” of myself. To achieve balance and to unlock my full potential – the time was now! Stop procrastinating! This is definitely something I have been doing for a while now, but the urgency to do something is becoming more evident!

Here is my image.

Id be happy to hear thoughts about my post, whether you are also experiencing the same thing or whether you feel anything about the images I’ve put up. 

Love and light to all….Ms C. ❤️