Uncovering the real truths


Tonight at group Meditation we were doing candle gazing. I’ve never done this before but like everything new, I just jump straight into it! 

As I began to slow my breathing and look into the slightly flickering flame of the candle, I began to see a variety of images. As I continued to gaze, we were then asked to pour some wax into a bowl of water.

My first image was of the earth and as i continued to gaze at this wax image, it started to move and twist. Then it started to form into what appeared to be yin/yang symbol. 

I intuitively sensed that there was a need for balance in the earth, as Mother Earth is out of balance. 

As I continued on, I was taken back to a time long ago. I had a vision of a darkened or eclipsed sun and adjoining to it, was an symbol that looked like a jaw with two teeth. It transitioned twice, finishing on the final image. I sketched these images, so I’m limited by the extent of my sketching skills.

My visions then moved to an image of a being, kind of reminded me of something that was of Mayan origin. I have sketched as best as I could translate the image from my head. 

As I looked into the water where I had dropped the wax earlier, I noticed the wax had transformed into a being. I began to intuitively feel an image of this being in my minds eye, that was not quite human, lying on a stone alter waiting for a chief / medicine Man to sacrifice it. As I visioned this sacrifice take place, looking back at the wax, it started to separate as it mimicked the vision I just witnessed.

Coming toward the end of the session, I intently asked what I needed to learn from this experience.

Several main themes emerged:

  • Mother Earth is weeping and is out of balance.
  • Some sacrifice is needed to heal the wounds Mother Earth has endured.
  • Our Ancestors are trying to reach out to us, if we are willing to listen.

Love and light

Ms. C ❤️


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