Connecting with a past life??


At my meditation group on Tuesday, we did a chakra cleansing and connecting of the chakras. It was also a night about healing. We then spent some time doing a positive affirmation circle, where we fed into our energy with this wonderful energy. This was just such an energetic experience! I felt like I was buzzing and so alive.

As we began to prepare for the healing work, by forming an energy ball between my hands, I started to drift into abut of a trance.  Now this certainly doesn’t happen to me all the time, I was curious, I just let it happen and explored what was about to come up. I experienced a vision of ‘myself’ in a time back in 1592 (as it initially started out) and I could see myself as a war time doctor, as I was scanning around on what seemed to be a battle field, with piles of bodies everywhere, limp with a schrapnel embedded into them all. It was like a bomb had just gone off. I remember seeing a lady, I cant remember what her name was or why she was there – but I know she was significant.

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Now the timing of this doesn’t shock me, as I decided to partake in a past life regression session in the next few days. I do believe this has something to do with the block that I am experiencing in my life at the moment. Although I’ve yet to meditate on this vision I saw, I know that an answer will come up when I am in my session.

I am really curious to know others thoughts on the subject, have you ever experienced a past life vision?? Did you know what is was?? How did you deal with it?? Please leave a comment if you feel necessary. 

Love and light…..Ms C. ❤️


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  1. How diid you know that it was exactly 1562?
    If anyone on this planet can remember the past life(1st thing whether there is past life or not is a unsolved mystery) he/she can easily prove that with evidences..!!
    Now coming back to meditation & healing work,If you are genuinely believe in these kind of things & if it is not for show off,then my kind suggestion is that find that missing flight & find the all incidents happened to that 370-flight….If you can do this believe me,then you will be the worlds 1 & only 1 powerful person,& you will be satisfied that yes your belief was true..
    But if you cant do this ,then all is vain..waste of time & total comments would heart you,but those are straight hitting on the target,Caz I am not the 1 who just comment as formality,hope you will take that as challenge!!!!!1


    • Hi “it’s mine”
      I’m fascinated by your comment. How did I know it was 1562, I just had an image with this number that came up.
      How do you get one to prove its exactly this? Well, I don’t feel I need to prove it honestly, I have faith in myself and In what I experience.
      As for the MH 370 flight which seemed abit left of centre, it certainly would be great to uncover what occurred here. Do you have a personal connection to that incident?
      As for whether I could prove anything or not is really not up for debate because as I said earlier, I don’t have anything to prove to anyone.
      So I guess that would mean that your challenge is not accepted?!
      I do however appreciate your opinion and thanks for your comment.

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      • hey!! I am glad after receiving this reply! It looks you are cool,Caz almost all other people loose their mind after my “direct question”..
        And I am not saying you are wrong,I ask you to prove, only because If that really works,& you can prove it to me,then it is my main aim of life to know that knowledge…I am the most hungry person in this whole world to gain these kinds of knowlede!!


  2. Well, when I first saw your comments, I thought is this person for real? That in all honesty was my initial response.
    However my next thought, I stopped and questioned myself…what is the purpose of my blog – I want comments and opinions, so I totally changed what could have been a pissy attitude.
    But coming back to proof, how do I show proof, well I think that’s a difficult one honestly. I really can’t verify with physical evidence to confirm what I sense, smell, feel. I have to trust that what comes up is ‘real’ or ‘truth’. In a past life, you can’t go to someone and say did I get that right unfortunately? I’m still exploring the idea of past lives anyway, but I just feel comfort in what I’m doing, so I use this as my compass. Does that explain it in more??


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