Creating a balanced you…


The lead up to the Super moon and the after effects of this has been absolutely phenomenal. Since learning more about the effects of the moon 3 years ago, I’ve slowly come to realise the magic of it…sensual and intriguing, inviting you in to discover more. 

Since being on this path, ive realised that there’s no such thing as coincidence and that you need to expect the unexpected; have faith.  By doing so leaves you vulnerable, maybe a little exposed and sensitive to others and the environment you’re in. And even though I’ve really worked my ass off to get to where I am now – that is trusting myself – there is still SO MUCH MORE to learn. 

For me and so many others I’ve noticed that with this suoermoon there has been a fuck tonne of releasing and letting go of shit. And why you ask? Such a great question! It’s because we’re starting to wrap up the year that is and journey forth onto another lighter level – a level towards more pure love for self and others. 

Have you noticed any impacts on your relationships? What are the common things that keep coming up? What about the synchronicities that seem to be appearing? These are the thoughts that might be coming up lately and you need to pay attention- don’t allow yourself to be somber in a stoop, because that’s not living….or loving!!

So what can be done about this?

Try meditation 

Meditation is easy and for those with people with limited time. You only need 15-20 minutes of quiet time. Allow your mind to clear and look within for the answers you seek.

Use complementary medicines such as Reiki, Crystal healing or flower essences

As a reiki master, I know the powerful yet gentle healing properties of this energy healing and how it can benefit our recovery as we release and let go. Crystals along with Reiki are also a powerful combination to create self healing.  If this resonates with you, I am available to help with a session in Brisbane, Australia by contacting me at

 I also really love flower essences, vibrational energy jewellery and Shamanic work. This affects our body’s on a vibrational level, with naturopaths and body work healers offering this.  Shamanism is a practitioner that can assist you to reach altered states of consciousness to tap into energies on various levels, creating a space to transcend earthly issues. If you’d like to know more visit several of my favourite healers on:

Sacred Soul Activation Raghida on Instagram

Gongs, Didgeridoo and sound healing

Something that I’ve tried recently is the phenomenal gentle impacts on the body through gong and sound healing. I tried this out for the first time last night, and wow, it not only made me feel so relaxed but it helped my body to become lighter, to become more open and balanced, running at an optimum level that it should be. Someone I use is:

So I want you to think about, when you’re feeling challenged or some ‘stuff’ that you’ve been trying to avoid starts creeping up, what will you do to help create a more balanced you? How will you know that you’re better? What will your life look like when it’s more balanced? Think about that, as we approach the new moon in less than two weeks – which is the best time to start new changes or projects. 

I’d love to hear you’re feedback as always. 

Much love and light to you all ❤️xo


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