Intuitive Angel Card Readings & Channeling involves intuitively and energetically connecting with your true self; with your spirit guides and your angels with your permission.  This means you need to be open-minded to wanting to be apart of this process, otherwise it will not work effectively.  This allows me to receive the messages of love and guidance that you may be looking for. Sometimes there is just some information that you are not privy to and this may mean that it’s not something for you to know at this stage.


We connect with each other via email through a recorded audio session and I do this by connecting to your own personal energy.  You can ask up to 3 open questions that you’d like more guidance on. As I’m conducting the session, I use a set of cards or several packs of cards and draw as many cards as I intuitively believe are needed for the reading. I also connect with those that have passed on. Keeping in mind if you are trying to connect with someone whose passing was some time ago, this connection may be limited as their spirit has ascended onto a much higher dimension.

IMG_0396Readings also involve my other senses, Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clearaudience (clear hearing), Clearempathy (clear emotion). Cleartangency (clear touching) and direct channeling from the divine.

What this all means is I use all of my spiritual senses, my intuition and connection with you to deliver the divine messages and guidance that you’re looking for.


As I am delivering your message through an audio recording, it will take as long as the information requested is coming through for you.


On some occasions, there may be times that only a minimal amount of information is received.  This can happen for a number of reasons.  Compare this to a football game. Sometimes the players make the try and convert it, other times they are unable to even score, but they fight hard to get that ball across the line.  This is the same for readings, the day of the reading might not be the day for you to score.  But what can you do about it?   Although you may not get all the detailed information your looking for, it doesn’t mean the reading was completely a waste of time. The reading does not stop after you receive your reading because you will continue to receive your own messages, if you look out for them.


You can connect with me on my email and let me know what you’re after. Readings cost $47 AUD per session ( payment via PayPal). You’ll receive your answered 3 questions Angel card reading, channeling of divine information for you and a private recording to access.

I am looking forward to connecting with you all.

Light and Love…….Ms. C


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