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Become one with the self


What a way to be woken up in the morning……with a baby bat flying around my room, bouncing off the blades of my fan as it spun! With my cat meowing away almost like it had caught the bat and brought it into my room to acknowledge how proud of her I should be. No time to really think, 10 minutes it took to rid myself of the bat, not the most pleasant wake up call! 

After the drama though, I realised there’s a great opportunity for a message…I mean why else does a bat fly into your room in the early hours of the morning? My first thought came to me, in my bat man voice I said in my head 

“I am bat man!” And an image of ‘me’ as bat man took off like a bat out of hell and started to help people…strange. Very strange indeed!

At first I had abit of a chuckle to myself at the thought of me saying I am bat man, but I thought about what this could all mean. Thinking about the characteristics of a bat, how the bat was behaving, I started to dicipher the following:

  • It’s about letting go of the past values that no longer serves me at this time and reflecting on these. 
  • Transformation from the old into the new. Leading with a divine focus rather than based from the ego!
  • Confirmation of hearing vital messages that need to be passed on to others.
  • It’s about honing in on my talents and abilities

When you are more aware of the messages being sent to you, life seems to just work, it seems to flow. No resistance, just letting life unfold in front of your eyes.  I’m excited about what is coming up ahead!

Love and light…..Ms. C ❤️