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Releasing and journey sharing


Yesterday was such an interesting day, there was a lovely energy to it. Spent the time with my family and felt really connected, on so many levels. Something I’ve really been longing for, for some time as my immediate family is not close in location.  A lot of conversation was had about different connections within the family and I’m not surprised by this because yesterday was the opening of the Lions Gate Portal. I felt energetic but also felt tired, almost a calmness. But I also started to feel some of the physical symptoms of ascension. Headachey, achey, moody, restless and just feeling swollen. I did some reiki with my crystal quartz wand and it help the pain ease enough to atleast be comfortable. 

As I laid in bed trying to sleep, different creative ideas just flowed to me. Something small that was blocked had dislodged, and some things that I had been putting off for some time in regards to future life purpose, have began to move and shift. As I began to nod off, I started to enter lucid dreaming. I can’t exactly remember the totality of my dream but the gist of what I can remember was about love, relationships, male figure role models, and LOTS of cash!   

  As I started my day today, I asked the universe to show me what I could do to help. I definitely was not motivated to get out of bed, just felt like resting because both my shoulders was hurting bad, in particular, my left side (masculine side). This really coincided with my dream last night. I was releasing ALOT to do with the masculine (men)! people in my life. The energy radiating down my arm, out of my hand was phenomenal. 

As the day progressed, I felt as those I was just kicking goals, really connecting to source. I came across several people today’s, whose stories really resonated with mine in some elements. I was so inspired, moved, amazed and felt there were lessons to be learned, stuff to release. We connected on a soul level, helping each other out. Being compassionate human beings. It helped me to be aware of things that if thought I had released but hadn’t released on all levels.  I felt my life purpose in full swing today. Using my words to connect soulfully, purposefully with others who just needed to hear what they were looking for, at the right time to hear and be aware. And at this time with the opening of the Lions Gate Portal it is even more evident that the energy we are experiencing is powerful and magnificent.  

How was this Lions Gate Portal affected your life at this time? What have you noticed aid happening for you at this time? What lessons will you or are you learning right now? 

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself… And I would love to hear all about it! 

With love and gratitude xo

Overcoming life’s little hiccups…

Overcoming life’s little hiccups…

As I write this post right now, I sit in frustration, thinking about how at the most inconvenient of times (as I was about to post to the blog), that I should lose all of what I’ve written and the message I wanted to share with you! 

It’s taken me 10 minutes now to actually just be able to write this post again, still feeling frustrated knowing there is a learning opportunity in this seemingly small hiccup. In the midst of my frustration, I noticed the impacts and changes in my body. I felt ill in the gut, vision become momentarily blurry, my body tensed up and my throat started to tighten. My head begun to be flooded with thoughts, images, feelings triggered by this one ‘little’ situation yet so significant right now.  Overwhelmed by what was presented before me, but consciously made the decision to keep going. What remains of the original post captures the relevance of the point I was trying to get across from my experiences yesterday. At that moment of frustration, I wanted to just throw in the towel, delete the post and be done with. Sit in anger and frustration and let it overcome me. Right now I’m eating the very words I was writing about! 

Moral of the story? 

At the times when we feel like we want to give up are the moments to push through, overcome the bump in the road and continue moving forward. This is what it means to be present and aware, to notice the learning moments, look for the message, utilise it and keep going. After realising this, the impacts on my body initially have now subsided and I still feel a little frustrated but I know it’s moving on. I continue to experience the synchronicities that I just need to follow my own guidance, because I have those answers within me.

I thank you for allowing me to share my experience with you and I wish I could hear of your experiences too!

With much gratitude and love xo

Here is my story:

I awoke yesterday morning, with no particular plan of what I was going to do today. I tend to just see what presents itself and go with the flow. This isn’t necessarily always great for me as I tend to get easily distracted. I did a spread of cards and asked myself, what do I need for this long weekend, what’s needed for me at this point in time?  It illustrated to me that in a nutshell I needed to follow the guidance coming through to me. I thought how ironic that this be the message because as I received this, I simply thought this message often presents itself to me…but why?? I took a few moments to reflect and then put away the cards and went on with my day. 

This was a day like every other Saturday, time for a cleaning up and getting the housework done. It’s so routine it’s almost become quite monotonous. None the less, a tidy house warms my insides and keeps things in order. I did what I had to do but kept wanting to get outdoors. Although it’s winter at the moment I felt like submerging myself in nature, tending to my baby succulents and garden. I’ve definitely neglected them including my poor gerabras that I left outside without any attention. I just wandered around the garden, admiring our beautiful gifts of nature and also noticed how neglected it has become. As I was going through clearing away the fallen branches and dead leaf matter, I heard the call of the Tawny Frogmouth high above. I hadn’t actually seen it but I could hear it. I’ve also never actually seen one, because from what I know of them they are camouflaged well and present themselves mainly at night. 

As I continued on, the Tawny Frogmouth swooped down in front of me then launching itself high into the jacaranda tree. As I looked up, my eyes connected with the Tawny Frogmouth and it just watched over me. It was in an exposed position, clear as day, which I thought was unusual for a bird like this. It stuck with me, why has this normally nocturnal bird appeared before me? I generally don’t pass off such occurances without reflection. 

I started to do some research and intuitively decipher what the message was. A major change was coming, and things are aligning for the better however there will be tests of faith and challenges up ahead. However it will all be worth it to achieve you dreams, I thought.

As I read more, the 8th August 2016 – 12th August 2016 is the beginning of the Lions Gate Portal, an awakening and ascension to something more significant, meaningful and connected. It happens every year and energetical it’s important for our growth whether we realise it or not. 

I know you’re asking yourself, what does this mean for you? 

It means our relationships with ourselves, with others and our planet are going to change. And definitely it doesn’t have to be at this moment for the change to happen but its significance is greater at this time. 

Don’t think this is relevant to you? 

Believe it or not changes are going to occur with or without you. As I mentioned earlier, being present and aware, noticing the little things and not passing them off as mere conincidence us a start.

What can you do?

  • Reassess the direction of your life….is it purposeful? Meaningful? What do you get from life?
  • Re-evaluate your connections…….do you have a good worth of yourself? What kind of connections do have with people? Is it meaningful? Do you need more connections?
  • Review how we utilise our resources…..this is not only about money, is about our consumption of goods, when we give and receive, who we interact with energetically and how we use our time. Think about do I really need this item? What purpose does it have? Am I giving just to look good or do I actually feel a sense of love without attachment in giving? Can I receive or are you blocking what could come to you?

These lessons will always be relevant until we fulfill our purpose and reach our highest level of goodness, of light and if love. ❤️ Don’t wait, start now, start small, keep questioning!