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Love thy self….Is it really that hard?


This week I have witnessed issues around loving thy self….but is it really that hard to show ourselves some love??
Quite simply….NO, but we often make life harder for ourselves than we really need to.

We often don’t realise that we are not showing ourselves love, because we are too busy being caught up in other people’s drama’s and stories.  Life gets busy, time flies by and before you know it, you are caught in a scene like out of drama movie.

Think of a situation when you have put your needs last for the sake of another’s happiness, and ask yourself the following questions:

How did this make me feel???

Did I give only to expect to receive something in return???
Did I empty my whole cup of love until 
there was nothing left to give???
How did this impact on other areas of my life?

geometric heart

When you deny yourself your need for love and you convince yourself that everything is fine, you allow your heart to be closed off to receiving and giving.   If you reject love, by saying or thinking I’m strong enough, I don’t need to receive.  There are others that need love more than me, I’m not worthy of love.


You are continually telling yourself that you are not worthy of love, continually manifesting this cycle of emptying our hearts and never refilling it. Your joy in life is diminished, you become an empty shell, with this massive void in our hearts.  I have come across many people who do exactly this and I witness how their spark for life just fades and dies out.  You have the power to change this, you can make the choice today and start feeling the sweet warmth of love in your heart.  

QUICK TIPS to open your heart to love
1.  Say kind and loving words to yourself ie I am worthy of love, I love myself
2.  Visualise receiving a cup full of beautiful pink liquid love and drinking it, allowing the warmth of love to fill your heart.
3.  Create a vision board with pictures of the love you want to receive ie a loving partnership, pictures of hearts

Love and Light…Ms. C



Let me introduce myself, my name is Cheryl or as I like it Ms. C for short….

I have finally decided to start my own blog……..It’s something that I have been thinking about for a while although seemed so far out for me! This was seemingly an out of the blue decision…..well….. with the help of some divine intervention and guidance.

My purpose in this life and for this blog is witnessing the beautiful growth of those I can connect with whether they be family, colleagues or the ‘random’ people I cross paths with in my life.

Growing up as a child, all I ever wanted to do was help people.  I didn’t know how exactly Id help but I just knew things that other people didn’t and knew the right things to say to people at the right time.  This seemed to shock people I met because of my physical age, often telling me ‘you don’t know anything, you’re just a child’ or my favourite, ‘you’re way too opinionated, just sit and look pretty’.  I grew up holding on to those thoughts others had of me however this was a valuable lesson indeed.  When I was a teenager, I never really fit in and I always seemed like I was on the outer. I knew that I was different but what I didn’t know why I felt so different to the ‘norm’.  This feeling of difference was constantly on my mind, I couldn’t escape.

I am a daughter.  I am an aunty.  I am a wife.  I am sister.  
I am also clairvoyant.  I am a medium.  I am an angel intuitive & lightworker.  

As an adult, I realised that I was coming full circle because i learned to stop listening to other’s stories and focus on my own story.  I was becoming the person I was denying and suppressed as a child, I was becoming the real me!!  That has been my greatest lesson to date.
Now…….who am I?  I am ‘classified’ in so many different ways…I am a daughter. I am an aunty.  I am a wife.  I am sister.  I am also clairvoyant.  I am a medium.  I am an angel intuitive & lightworker.

Without the labels or classifications, I am simply a old soul, wishing to connect with others souls to deliver messages from my heart to yours.   I hope I am able to connect with you.  Please enjoy my journey, I know I will.

Light and love…Ms C.