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Ascension and awakening to the Fifth Demension


          As above, so below and 
           as within, so without….

I’ve had such a great experience yesterday. I’ve been able to attend the local mind, body and spirit expo – something that’s right up my ally!  I went with a friend and it’s definitely something I felt we needed to do together, and it was just to have a nice day out. 

As we strolled through the aisles, we came across a stand of two beautiful shamans. If you don’t know what a shaman is, I’m not the best at explaining it, but pretty much they are intuitive, powerful beings, healers of the highest vibration of light out of all healers. A modern day medicine women!

As I browsed the crystals (I’m always keen to add to my collection) I overheard the Shaman say that she’s recently returned from ULURU!!! My ears pricked up, because I’ve been dreaming, meditating, hearing and seeing information everywhere about it!  I felt an immediate connection with the Shaman. As I continued to browse, I commented on the other Shaman’s feather earrings. They were so intriguing, drawing me in to them. She said they are very special, and that I should be here. I didn’t realise that last bit though until now. 

We moved on from the stall, and as we went to move away, my friend and I started experiencing a cough. I thought I was carrying for my friend but soon realised it was something of mine. I then had the urge to go back, with my Clair audience kicking in and being to go back there now!!!! So that’s what I did. The shaman could feel I was meant to be there, and so too my friend. Interestingly we both were experiencing releasing of grief. I just started to cry and then the cough was gone. I felt connected and open, ready to embark on this wonderful journey. My soul was urging me to have a shaman healing, so I didn’t question it. 

I went for a short walk to give the Shaman time to prepare and came back at 1:11pm. Such an unusually exact time to arrive, but these repetitive numbers are purposeful in that it’s an indication for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Wow!! 

As my healing began, I had to choose a crystal to begin the process of release, and I choose a massive chunk of smoky quartz crystal. I began to “breathe out” any feelings or times I was out down or down trodden into the crystal. There were many instances of this…so I didn’t have a problem with doing this. As I began to release, and connect with the crystal, I could feel a calmness come over me. As I lay down ready to continue my healing, I experienced the following sensations. 


I experienced a psychedelic colour show of several colours in my minds eye – beautiful greens (healing), indigo (divine), blue, red, orange and yellow. The main colours were green and indigo but also saw golden beams of light at the crown chakra. 


– I saw an ancient native Indian medicine man and aboriginal indigenous elder – memories of a past life, my soul recognising who I was truly.

– I watched as a tiger slowly  approached me, sit in front of me, connecting with me through my minds eye. Such a sensual, beautiful creature.

– I transcended above high into the sky, stretching out my wings like a eagle in flight; freedom!

I witnessed several of my spirit guides who were with me at that time, Mother Mary, and two other male guides.

– Then it felt as though I was on a roller coaster soaring high into the sky then dipping down straight into a forest then back up and down again. And then all of a sudden I know I returned, the ride was over but the journey had just began. I felt light and unsteady on my feet. The shaman told me that she saw John the Baptist as a guide and spoke about his affinity with the St. John’s cross. Little did she know about this very same cross being tattooed on me 3 years earlier. She also some about the unusual occurrence that my female guide appeared on my masculine side and male guides on my feminine side. This is quite special. She also asked me to visit Mt. Warning, a sacred place in NSW for the indigenous people.

After our connection, we embraced with a warm heart hug, and I could feel the connection deepen. Wowsers! The love I felt was amazing, and I could feel my body release, because I went to the bathroom 3 times in the space of half an hour! And as the day continued, I started to feel tired, and this was normal because sleeping integrated the healing done and created synergy.

I returned home and continued to release, but also I felt good (and tired). I went to bed early and awoke at 2:20am, like I’ve been every night for the past couple of weeks. This is an indication of my awakening. So today, I had many comments on how good I looked, I looked different but in a good way – they just couldn’t pinpoint it, but it’s because I’m lighter, ascending to what was explained to me yesterday, we are moving from a 3D world to a 5D world. 

Whether you believe it or not, eventually you’ll be left behind and want to catch up because you’re not gonna want to miss out! 

I’d love to know your most recent experiences…with gratitude I thank you.

As always, much love & light xo 💚


Let it go….it no longer serves you!!


Today was such a great day, a day of learning, recognising and being aware of issues that no longer serve their purpose in our life. So beautiful!

It’s about connectedness with others and our consciousness of the world around us. I have come across 3 people today including myself that were apart of each others “life stories”. What I mean by that is as we are living our life, our lessons in life may be synchronised or shared with others and sometimes this triggers us or another persons behaviour may bother us. This is because this is our lesson to learn and this is one way we are shown this lesson. That’s the thing about connectedness, it’s a constant exchange of energy, giving us the opportunity to vibrate our energy higher, closer to that of pure love. 

So with today’s exchanges, the theme was letting go of what no longer serves you. I shared a beautiful experience with a person who thought they had released the emotions attached to a previous relationship. I could feel her energy, the emotion, hear the story. I received an image through clairvoyance and at that moment decided to send through beautiful healing divine loving energy, sending this directly to her heart using Reiki – filling the void that was just released. 

As the day progressed, more stories between us started to emerge, forgotten hurts began to bubble, and life lessons presented itself. In the end, some of the issues that no longer serves us was able to be released but there were others that came up in surprise. And what helped us to release: LOVE….

Love heals all! I never really understood that but as I choose to let go of this physical worlds low density of energy, I begin to allow LoVE to flow abundantly in my life. And that’s something I wish for you all on this day. Sending you all beautiful loving light energy 💚💚

Love and light to you all xo ❤️

My experience with past life regression therapy


Yesterday I went on an adventure, a journey to be more aware of how my past lives have impacted and impact on my current life. 

As it often happens to me, I was back and forth and in two minds about whether or not I should actually go through with the session. Well obviously I made the choice to go.

Before going I wrote down a list of stuff that I have found have been blockages for me, some I’m aware of, some I actually have a feeling about. But there was also a list of what I wanted to get out of it. Honestly….I really just wanted to be more aware of my self, my TRUE SELF.

So it began…….under a trance like state but also fully aware of what was happening.

I was taken back to the most recent time I felt sad/grief/loss. The most recent time was with the loss of my grandmother. As the timeline began to work its way back, I had spoken about memories that I had forgotten were even there. Then came to my birth, how traumatic that was and how I realised we actually remembered that! It was very fascinating!

  (Image taken from http://akdigitalspace.com/travel-back-in-time-and-run-old-version-of-windows-online/)

Then came beyond this current life and trekking back down along the timeline into the first occasion my mind experienced sadness/loss/grief. It was the year 1352.

The picture from my minds eye showed me that I was a young boy, 7 years old, playing with my older brother and we were playing a game. The ‘scene’ turned to me chasing the ball, then falling into a swamp. I was struggling and the more I struggled, the more the reeds around my leg tightened. Then as I took my last breath and my brother finally realised what had happened it was all too late. I ascended above watching what my brother was doing. So much sadness and grief. I couldn’t leave. I didn’t leave. 

I continued to watch over my family. I waited until my mother was on her death bed and finally realised I would no longer be alone – that we could ascend together. As we ascended I felt my mother was reluctant to leave as she torn between my brother and I – my brother suffering the grief of both our deaths, my mother decided to stay with him. Although sad and angry I ascended anyway.

I came to an area where there were other lost souls. But I was able to meet up with the higher ones, masters. They were really tall, thin green beings, with long limbs and a halo of energy and light around them. They helped me to review my life and I called upon my spirit guides, to help me understand the lesson I needed to learn – LOVE IS TIMELESS!!

I had an opportunity to learn and let go of the burden I carried during this life which also impacted on my current life. As I was able to share this experience with both my spirit guides and also some loved ones that had passed on, it felt amazing.  Once coming out of the regressions he first thing I noticed was I felt different. I can’t describe it in any other way apart from that. Other stuff I noticed:

  • I now realise that this young boy I was, was trying to communicate with me in so many different ways, through reiki healing, meditations and dreams – I just didn’t know what it all meant!
  • Warmth and pulsating Heart Chakra
  • My third eye chakra was working overtime, seeing beautiful colours and images of other chakras affected. I saw red, orange, yellow, green and purple. 
  • Movement and opened of solar plexus
  • The sharp stabbing pain I experienced in my regression in my root and sacral chakra disappeared 
  • The worsening pain in my gut disappeared 
  • I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and neck. These muscles had been so tense of late, and it just started to go like jelly and loose. 

I definitely would do it again and it has been helpful in me connecting the dots in my current life. 

I would love to hear feedback about your thoughts, any experiences you may be facing in a similar way. Thanks for letting me share.

Love and Light….Ms C. ❤️

Connecting with a past life??


At my meditation group on Tuesday, we did a chakra cleansing and connecting of the chakras. It was also a night about healing. We then spent some time doing a positive affirmation circle, where we fed into our energy with this wonderful energy. This was just such an energetic experience! I felt like I was buzzing and so alive.

As we began to prepare for the healing work, by forming an energy ball between my hands, I started to drift into abut of a trance.  Now this certainly doesn’t happen to me all the time, I was curious, I just let it happen and explored what was about to come up. I experienced a vision of ‘myself’ in a time back in 1592 (as it initially started out) and I could see myself as a war time doctor, as I was scanning around on what seemed to be a battle field, with piles of bodies everywhere, limp with a schrapnel embedded into them all. It was like a bomb had just gone off. I remember seeing a lady, I cant remember what her name was or why she was there – but I know she was significant.

 ( Image from finerminds.com) 
Now the timing of this doesn’t shock me, as I decided to partake in a past life regression session in the next few days. I do believe this has something to do with the block that I am experiencing in my life at the moment. Although I’ve yet to meditate on this vision I saw, I know that an answer will come up when I am in my session.

I am really curious to know others thoughts on the subject, have you ever experienced a past life vision?? Did you know what is was?? How did you deal with it?? Please leave a comment if you feel necessary. 

Love and light…..Ms C. ❤️

Uncovering the real truths


Tonight at group Meditation we were doing candle gazing. I’ve never done this before but like everything new, I just jump straight into it! 

As I began to slow my breathing and look into the slightly flickering flame of the candle, I began to see a variety of images. As I continued to gaze, we were then asked to pour some wax into a bowl of water.

My first image was of the earth and as i continued to gaze at this wax image, it started to move and twist. Then it started to form into what appeared to be yin/yang symbol. 

I intuitively sensed that there was a need for balance in the earth, as Mother Earth is out of balance. 

As I continued on, I was taken back to a time long ago. I had a vision of a darkened or eclipsed sun and adjoining to it, was an symbol that looked like a jaw with two teeth. It transitioned twice, finishing on the final image. I sketched these images, so I’m limited by the extent of my sketching skills.

My visions then moved to an image of a being, kind of reminded me of something that was of Mayan origin. I have sketched as best as I could translate the image from my head. 

As I looked into the water where I had dropped the wax earlier, I noticed the wax had transformed into a being. I began to intuitively feel an image of this being in my minds eye, that was not quite human, lying on a stone alter waiting for a chief / medicine Man to sacrifice it. As I visioned this sacrifice take place, looking back at the wax, it started to separate as it mimicked the vision I just witnessed.

Coming toward the end of the session, I intently asked what I needed to learn from this experience.

Several main themes emerged:

  • Mother Earth is weeping and is out of balance.
  • Some sacrifice is needed to heal the wounds Mother Earth has endured.
  • Our Ancestors are trying to reach out to us, if we are willing to listen.

Love and light

Ms. C ❤️