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Let it go….it no longer serves you!!


Today was such a great day, a day of learning, recognising and being aware of issues that no longer serve their purpose in our life. So beautiful!

It’s about connectedness with others and our consciousness of the world around us. I have come across 3 people today including myself that were apart of each others “life stories”. What I mean by that is as we are living our life, our lessons in life may be synchronised or shared with others and sometimes this triggers us or another persons behaviour may bother us. This is because this is our lesson to learn and this is one way we are shown this lesson. That’s the thing about connectedness, it’s a constant exchange of energy, giving us the opportunity to vibrate our energy higher, closer to that of pure love. 

So with today’s exchanges, the theme was letting go of what no longer serves you. I shared a beautiful experience with a person who thought they had released the emotions attached to a previous relationship. I could feel her energy, the emotion, hear the story. I received an image through clairvoyance and at that moment decided to send through beautiful healing divine loving energy, sending this directly to her heart using Reiki – filling the void that was just released. 

As the day progressed, more stories between us started to emerge, forgotten hurts began to bubble, and life lessons presented itself. In the end, some of the issues that no longer serves us was able to be released but there were others that came up in surprise. And what helped us to release: LOVE….

Love heals all! I never really understood that but as I choose to let go of this physical worlds low density of energy, I begin to allow LoVE to flow abundantly in my life. And that’s something I wish for you all on this day. Sending you all beautiful loving light energy 💚💚

Love and light to you all xo ❤️

Symbology – Indigenous Aboriginal People 



It’s been some time since I last blogged on my page and when I look back it feels like eternity.

Much has changed and occurred over these last 4-5 months that could last me a lifetime. I often forget to write about some of my spiritual experiences.  It’s not that I’m lazy, I just forget or sometimes I think well who would be interested in what I’ve got to say. 

But I’ll give you an update of what has been happening until until my last dream which contained some Indigenous symbology. 

The most common theme I’ve experienced of late has been around my peaked interest in the Indigenous Aboriginal people of this land, Australia. 

Now I can’t say before now, I’ve ever had as great of interest in this ancient culture as I have lately. I been thrusted forward with images, desires and feelings to connect to the original custodians of this great land. I’ve really been attracted to the idea of travelling to ULURU, in Northern Territory, Australia. Since then I’ve had multiple dreams and visions of being on top of this Earthly Chakra. Dreams of being propelled through the core of the earth, up through the centre of ULURU, only to be greeted by a traditional aboriginal man, in traditional dress – spear, clothing and symbols painted on the face.  My growing fascination for ULURU intensified, and Infound myself bewildered with constant dreams of the culture.  My connection was made clearer one day when visiting the crystal castle (Mullimbimby, QLD).

 I sat on a beautiful clear quartz seat, automatically charged and protected by a small village located in Northern country Italy. I envisioned myself being at the bottom of of ULURU and I was standing within a sacred circle with of indigenous men, clothed and dressed traditionally. I transformed into and hovered over a person who was now essentially “me”. I was a younger indigenous man being initiated into the circle. I drank this drink and an elder started to sing as my soul lifted out of my body and flew toward the atmosphere. I found myself transformed into tiny particles and I drifted among the  belt of Orion – the star constellation. From there I was able to shape shift and turned into little atom particles. Now I found myself in another universe, another planet. The crystal planet. Beautiful quartz crystals lined the surface as far as the eye could see, it was magical. After some time, I transported back to Earths surface and I was now in my original body, then came to out of my meditation, into my own body. 

But my most recent dream involved seeing some beautiful indigenous symbols. The first one involved me looking into a hidden cave,and inside  the walls covered onto it were multiple overlapping hand prints sprawled across. 

 The next part I dreamt, I was facing an indigenous man, painting traditional dress. He painted  three white vertical lines on my hand, my right hand to be exact. Then I saw a projection of these three lines, through my third eye. After this, I woke up.

I’ve yet to put all the pieces of the puzzle together but I do know this connection with Indigenous Aboriginal peoples is growing exponentially and my soul needs to explore this ancient culture for itself. 

Whatever it means, I’m buckling myself in for this amazing journey I’m embarking on!

With ❤️ and light xo