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Acknowledging our Ancestry


Today is ANZAC (Australia, New Zealand Army Corps) day in Australia, acknowledging our ancestors who fought so hard for our right to freedom. Every year Australians wear a poppy flower, in rememberance for the sacrafices that these solder men and women made. The symbolism for the use poppies is two fold.


  1. Firstly, after the long and arduous battle ended in Gallipoli, the poppy flower was the first flower to sprout on the earth where so much blood shed and where lives where lost. This is a time for renewal. Did you know that the poppy flower bud hangs their ‘head’, just before the flower blooms so brightly!
  2. On a deeper, more spiritual level the poppy flower sprouting from the earth is quite significant.  Spiritually, the red poppy symbolises the root chakra, our connectedness, our grounding, and without it, we aren’t able to progress up through the other chakras to be connected through to our crown chakra, therefore not being connected to the divine. The poppy is symbolic of many divine messages that may be awakened through our dreams – if we are aware enough to pay attention to these. It also serves as a reminder the great impacts of our ancestors on our lives today. 

And although you may or may not have met some of your ancestors, ask yourself this, are you carrying their story into your own life – whether that be good or bad. 

Much love and light to you all….Ms. C ❤️


Become one with the self


What a way to be woken up in the morning……with a baby bat flying around my room, bouncing off the blades of my fan as it spun! With my cat meowing away almost like it had caught the bat and brought it into my room to acknowledge how proud of her I should be. No time to really think, 10 minutes it took to rid myself of the bat, not the most pleasant wake up call! 

After the drama though, I realised there’s a great opportunity for a message…I mean why else does a bat fly into your room in the early hours of the morning? My first thought came to me, in my bat man voice I said in my head 

“I am bat man!” And an image of ‘me’ as bat man took off like a bat out of hell and started to help people…strange. Very strange indeed!

At first I had abit of a chuckle to myself at the thought of me saying I am bat man, but I thought about what this could all mean. Thinking about the characteristics of a bat, how the bat was behaving, I started to dicipher the following:

  • It’s about letting go of the past values that no longer serves me at this time and reflecting on these. 
  • Transformation from the old into the new. Leading with a divine focus rather than based from the ego!
  • Confirmation of hearing vital messages that need to be passed on to others.
  • It’s about honing in on my talents and abilities

When you are more aware of the messages being sent to you, life seems to just work, it seems to flow. No resistance, just letting life unfold in front of your eyes.  I’m excited about what is coming up ahead!

Love and light…..Ms. C ❤️

Uncovering the real truths


Tonight at group Meditation we were doing candle gazing. I’ve never done this before but like everything new, I just jump straight into it! 

As I began to slow my breathing and look into the slightly flickering flame of the candle, I began to see a variety of images. As I continued to gaze, we were then asked to pour some wax into a bowl of water.

My first image was of the earth and as i continued to gaze at this wax image, it started to move and twist. Then it started to form into what appeared to be yin/yang symbol. 

I intuitively sensed that there was a need for balance in the earth, as Mother Earth is out of balance. 

As I continued on, I was taken back to a time long ago. I had a vision of a darkened or eclipsed sun and adjoining to it, was an symbol that looked like a jaw with two teeth. It transitioned twice, finishing on the final image. I sketched these images, so I’m limited by the extent of my sketching skills.

My visions then moved to an image of a being, kind of reminded me of something that was of Mayan origin. I have sketched as best as I could translate the image from my head. 

As I looked into the water where I had dropped the wax earlier, I noticed the wax had transformed into a being. I began to intuitively feel an image of this being in my minds eye, that was not quite human, lying on a stone alter waiting for a chief / medicine Man to sacrifice it. As I visioned this sacrifice take place, looking back at the wax, it started to separate as it mimicked the vision I just witnessed.

Coming toward the end of the session, I intently asked what I needed to learn from this experience.

Several main themes emerged:

  • Mother Earth is weeping and is out of balance.
  • Some sacrifice is needed to heal the wounds Mother Earth has endured.
  • Our Ancestors are trying to reach out to us, if we are willing to listen.

Love and light

Ms. C ❤️

The Lady Bug – a reminder of gratitude…


Following yesterday’s post, I have received a confirmation that I need to stay on the path of gratitude. I have had a lady bug come out of my washing, onto me and stay there for a while as I stayed with my thoughts. I wondered what the lady bug meant, and I thought about the expression ‘Lady Luck’!

This serves as a confirmation for me of the abundance in my life, but also is a good reminder about what makes me happy. The little symbol of this insect gives me a massive message and reminder – something I thought I was doing but certainly can do more of. 

In staying with this thought,  another thing that stood out for me was about the enjoyment of life, and what makes me happy….Am I really pursuing my passions? Enjoying the gifts of life?  When I asked myself these questions, I couldn’t comfortably say that I was leading a fulfilling life but I can easily make it in to what I want. But I could have easily missed these signs in the every day hectic moments of my life. I chose to stop, think, be aware and intuitively pick up on what message I was being sent. 

As for YOU, there is something you could be asking yourself too..what makes you happy??

Light and love….Ms. C ❤️

Rest from the craziness


I’ve been a little quiet in here, due to the Easter school holidays but also because I’ve been unwell. I have also been putting the brakes on a little, that fear of my ego has come up and when I have let this fear sit with me – it’s been clear that I have been trying to disregard and downplay my gifts from God. But for what reason?

During this period, it has really given me time to think, reflect, re-evaluate and re-align myself. 

It’s allowed me to think about what I want and where I am heading. I always thought that I was at a crossroads, that it was one choice versus another. It never really occurred to me that I could ‘have it all’ so to speak….all in good time though. I also realised that I need to be having more appreciation for the things that do go right, all that I have, the answered prayers, the blessings I receive on a daily basis. 

I am also constantly reminding myself of what I want, not what others expect of me – another realisation that I have come to. It’s so much easier to just go along with what another says or does – there is shelter in that. But is that really who your true self is? 

      Who am I? Who are you?
       Who do you want to be? 

We are multifaceted beings, just like a diamond, there are different colours of light that are reflected, given depending on where you look and how the light shines through. Perception is also an important part in the ebb and flow of life. 

There is still time to make the changes you want – do you shine no light through, and sit in the shadows or do you allow the beautiful colours and light to shine through?? I know what I want!! 🌈

It’s never too late to change but you’ve also gotten to this point for a reason. It’s also this same reason, that it all happens how it should. It is how it is meant to be.

With much love and light…Ms. C ❤️

Act in love, not hate..


Today on the calendar is Good Friday….and this should serve as a good reminder about the depth of Gods love for us. God sacrificed his only son to help the many, to help us realise that in love, life can be wonderful. Whether you believe in God or not, everyone can understand sacrifice and to act through love, not in hate. 

God and his angels assists us on a daily basis without us realising, only if we are not aware and do not pay attention. This is a time for us let go and surrender our worries and fears to the Divine, our God. To give forgiveness to others for their wrong doings against us, to help set us free. 

This will give us the freedom and peace in life that we deserve, what we are all looking for. And with the blood moon happening tomorrow, now is the time to ask yourself the following questions:

What situation do I need to make peace with?? Can responding with love instead of anger change a situation? How does it serve me to forgive? What can I do now to change my situation? 

These are a few useful questions you can ask yourself to begin the process of change.  

Your choices are simple. Forgive. Act in love. Live in peace.

Light and love to you all….Ms C. ❤️

Everything happens for a reason


I always believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes what’s difficult to pick up on is why this is happening or why it is happening now! 

And that’s what you need to think about in these moments and reflect on what’s coming up….why am I sick, even though I have been “healthy”?; why does watching a romance story make me so upset and cry so much? How come nothing is working out for me? Everything always goes wrong for me!!

If you are asking yourself these questions, if something doesn’t add up, then you are probably right – something isn’t right.

What needs to change? What have you been avoiding? What is it that you cannot see?

When your in this situation, you are going against the natural flow of life. You are pushing against your destiny. Certainly not everything is predetermined but there are some things that are just meant to happen. It is part of the reason why we come back into this lifetime, to learn the lessons we asked for. To clear the karma that we have built up from a previous lifetime. We asked for this life – to learn – to grow – to  let go.

Light at the end of the tunnel_edited-1

Whether you chose to believe it or not, whether you want to label it as destiny, our karma, bad luck – call it want you want but this is what is happening and it is happening for a reason!!! 

What can you do about it

Stop fighting against the flow, follow your path, dont turn back – there is light at the end of the tunnel, just keep moving forward. What’s the worse that can happen………..