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Acknowledging our Ancestry


Today is ANZAC (Australia, New Zealand Army Corps) day in Australia, acknowledging our ancestors who fought so hard for our right to freedom. Every year Australians wear a poppy flower, in rememberance for the sacrafices that these solder men and women made. The symbolism for the use poppies is two fold.


  1. Firstly, after the long and arduous battle ended in Gallipoli, the poppy flower was the first flower to sprout on the earth where so much blood shed and where lives where lost. This is a time for renewal. Did you know that the poppy flower bud hangs their ‘head’, just before the flower blooms so brightly!
  2. On a deeper, more spiritual level the poppy flower sprouting from the earth is quite significant.  Spiritually, the red poppy symbolises the root chakra, our connectedness, our grounding, and without it, we aren’t able to progress up through the other chakras to be connected through to our crown chakra, therefore not being connected to the divine. The poppy is symbolic of many divine messages that may be awakened through our dreams – if we are aware enough to pay attention to these. It also serves as a reminder the great impacts of our ancestors on our lives today. 

And although you may or may not have met some of your ancestors, ask yourself this, are you carrying their story into your own life – whether that be good or bad. 

Much love and light to you all….Ms. C ❤️