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Listening to the messages within…


As I worked in the garden today, which I haven’t done in such a long time, I just enjoyed being out in the sunshine with my thoughts. 

Over the last seven days, I have been getting several very clear and repetitive messages about where I’m headed, as I have been asking for clear guidance. I have been mulling over several different choices and spreading my time and energy over too many things – honestly I’ve not been travelling very far or gaining any real momentum. 

What’s the difference between coincidences and synchronicities (clear guidance)?? 

Firstly, when I first explored the question of my life direction, I always ask about providing clear messages that I will understand. So for me I usually have pretty vivid and surreal dreams, music 🎶 on the radio, the type of crystal I want to have and throw in abit of astral travel and I’m all set to receive. This means I receive messages from several sources, really authenticating the messages given. 

Secondly my intuition plays a massive role in having faith and trust in what messages comes to me. Without that, I would just continue to feel lost, helpless and just breezing through life without any meaning. I mean, what’s the point of life without any purpose right??!

Finally, the fact that my focus is on clarity and searching for answers, helps me to father the evidence I need to make that step toward a decision. 

What are the themes of the messages?

There are a few themes that have stood out over the past week, which can be relevant for everyone – love and relationships. Everything I do revolves around lobe and relationships because all of my career revolves around connecting with others and doing this through a love space. So what does this have to do with my future? Im at a crossroad right now, balancing and juggling between my health and wellness, working full time with young people, working as a coach and reiki master, and looking to expand my family. The core component to these areas always comes back to love and relationships.

In particular this love and relationships is more about myself – an internal worthiness for love and a knowing of myself, and allowing this to expand outwards to encompass others.

Tools to creating change

For the past four days I have been using liquid crystals. A special blend of three different crystals targeting specific areas to energetically heal – and the main one, you guessed, smariynd releasing issues of the heart ❤️. I will be utilising these for 21 days and I will be exploring what changes have come about because of this. 

I have also been using my collection of cards, but in particular, my sacred Geometry cards by Francene Hart. Wow. I love these cards and I love how I can connect with the sacred geometry on another level – to help feed the soul, so deep down, beyond the reach of the stars…..

So from here….

I now KNOW where I’m headed, what I exactly need to do, and all I need to do now DO IT!!  Easier said than done, just small steps.  I’ll keep you posted… Cheryl ❤️