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Act in love, not hate..


Today on the calendar is Good Friday….and this should serve as a good reminder about the depth of Gods love for us. God sacrificed his only son to help the many, to help us realise that in love, life can be wonderful. Whether you believe in God or not, everyone can understand sacrifice and to act through love, not in hate. 

God and his angels assists us on a daily basis without us realising, only if we are not aware and do not pay attention. This is a time for us let go and surrender our worries and fears to the Divine, our God. To give forgiveness to others for their wrong doings against us, to help set us free. 

This will give us the freedom and peace in life that we deserve, what we are all looking for. And with the blood moon happening tomorrow, now is the time to ask yourself the following questions:

What situation do I need to make peace with?? Can responding with love instead of anger change a situation? How does it serve me to forgive? What can I do now to change my situation? 

These are a few useful questions you can ask yourself to begin the process of change.  

Your choices are simple. Forgive. Act in love. Live in peace.

Light and love to you all….Ms C. ❤️