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Creating a balanced you…


The lead up to the Super moon and the after effects of this has been absolutely phenomenal. Since learning more about the effects of the moon 3 years ago, I’ve slowly come to realise the magic of it…sensual and intriguing, inviting you in to discover more. 

Since being on this path, ive realised that there’s no such thing as coincidence and that you need to expect the unexpected; have faith.  By doing so leaves you vulnerable, maybe a little exposed and sensitive to others and the environment you’re in. And even though I’ve really worked my ass off to get to where I am now – that is trusting myself – there is still SO MUCH MORE to learn. 

For me and so many others I’ve noticed that with this suoermoon there has been a fuck tonne of releasing and letting go of shit. And why you ask? Such a great question! It’s because we’re starting to wrap up the year that is and journey forth onto another lighter level – a level towards more pure love for self and others. 

Have you noticed any impacts on your relationships? What are the common things that keep coming up? What about the synchronicities that seem to be appearing? These are the thoughts that might be coming up lately and you need to pay attention- don’t allow yourself to be somber in a stoop, because that’s not living….or loving!!

So what can be done about this?

Try meditation 

Meditation is easy and for those with people with limited time. You only need 15-20 minutes of quiet time. Allow your mind to clear and look within for the answers you seek.

Use complementary medicines such as Reiki, Crystal healing or flower essences

As a reiki master, I know the powerful yet gentle healing properties of this energy healing and how it can benefit our recovery as we release and let go. Crystals along with Reiki are also a powerful combination to create self healing.  If this resonates with you, I am available to help with a session in Brisbane, Australia by contacting me at soul.connections157@gmail.com

 I also really love flower essences, vibrational energy jewellery and Shamanic work. This affects our body’s on a vibrational level, with naturopaths and body work healers offering this.  Shamanism is a practitioner that can assist you to reach altered states of consciousness to tap into energies on various levels, creating a space to transcend earthly issues. If you’d like to know more visit several of my favourite healers on: 



Sacred Soul Activation Raghida on Instagram

Gongs, Didgeridoo and sound healing

Something that I’ve tried recently is the phenomenal gentle impacts on the body through gong and sound healing. I tried this out for the first time last night, and wow, it not only made me feel so relaxed but it helped my body to become lighter, to become more open and balanced, running at an optimum level that it should be. Someone I use is: 


So I want you to think about, when you’re feeling challenged or some ‘stuff’ that you’ve been trying to avoid starts creeping up, what will you do to help create a more balanced you? How will you know that you’re better? What will your life look like when it’s more balanced? Think about that, as we approach the new moon in less than two weeks – which is the best time to start new changes or projects. 

I’d love to hear you’re feedback as always. 

Much love and light to you all ❤️xo

Ascension and awakening to the Fifth Demension


          As above, so below and 
           as within, so without….

I’ve had such a great experience yesterday. I’ve been able to attend the local mind, body and spirit expo – something that’s right up my ally!  I went with a friend and it’s definitely something I felt we needed to do together, and it was just to have a nice day out. 

As we strolled through the aisles, we came across a stand of two beautiful shamans. If you don’t know what a shaman is, I’m not the best at explaining it, but pretty much they are intuitive, powerful beings, healers of the highest vibration of light out of all healers. A modern day medicine women!

As I browsed the crystals (I’m always keen to add to my collection) I overheard the Shaman say that she’s recently returned from ULURU!!! My ears pricked up, because I’ve been dreaming, meditating, hearing and seeing information everywhere about it!  I felt an immediate connection with the Shaman. As I continued to browse, I commented on the other Shaman’s feather earrings. They were so intriguing, drawing me in to them. She said they are very special, and that I should be here. I didn’t realise that last bit though until now. 

We moved on from the stall, and as we went to move away, my friend and I started experiencing a cough. I thought I was carrying for my friend but soon realised it was something of mine. I then had the urge to go back, with my Clair audience kicking in and being to go back there now!!!! So that’s what I did. The shaman could feel I was meant to be there, and so too my friend. Interestingly we both were experiencing releasing of grief. I just started to cry and then the cough was gone. I felt connected and open, ready to embark on this wonderful journey. My soul was urging me to have a shaman healing, so I didn’t question it. 

I went for a short walk to give the Shaman time to prepare and came back at 1:11pm. Such an unusually exact time to arrive, but these repetitive numbers are purposeful in that it’s an indication for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Wow!! 

As my healing began, I had to choose a crystal to begin the process of release, and I choose a massive chunk of smoky quartz crystal. I began to “breathe out” any feelings or times I was out down or down trodden into the crystal. There were many instances of this…so I didn’t have a problem with doing this. As I began to release, and connect with the crystal, I could feel a calmness come over me. As I lay down ready to continue my healing, I experienced the following sensations. 


I experienced a psychedelic colour show of several colours in my minds eye – beautiful greens (healing), indigo (divine), blue, red, orange and yellow. The main colours were green and indigo but also saw golden beams of light at the crown chakra. 


– I saw an ancient native Indian medicine man and aboriginal indigenous elder – memories of a past life, my soul recognising who I was truly.

– I watched as a tiger slowly  approached me, sit in front of me, connecting with me through my minds eye. Such a sensual, beautiful creature.

– I transcended above high into the sky, stretching out my wings like a eagle in flight; freedom!

I witnessed several of my spirit guides who were with me at that time, Mother Mary, and two other male guides.

– Then it felt as though I was on a roller coaster soaring high into the sky then dipping down straight into a forest then back up and down again. And then all of a sudden I know I returned, the ride was over but the journey had just began. I felt light and unsteady on my feet. The shaman told me that she saw John the Baptist as a guide and spoke about his affinity with the St. John’s cross. Little did she know about this very same cross being tattooed on me 3 years earlier. She also some about the unusual occurrence that my female guide appeared on my masculine side and male guides on my feminine side. This is quite special. She also asked me to visit Mt. Warning, a sacred place in NSW for the indigenous people.

After our connection, we embraced with a warm heart hug, and I could feel the connection deepen. Wowsers! The love I felt was amazing, and I could feel my body release, because I went to the bathroom 3 times in the space of half an hour! And as the day continued, I started to feel tired, and this was normal because sleeping integrated the healing done and created synergy.

I returned home and continued to release, but also I felt good (and tired). I went to bed early and awoke at 2:20am, like I’ve been every night for the past couple of weeks. This is an indication of my awakening. So today, I had many comments on how good I looked, I looked different but in a good way – they just couldn’t pinpoint it, but it’s because I’m lighter, ascending to what was explained to me yesterday, we are moving from a 3D world to a 5D world. 

Whether you believe it or not, eventually you’ll be left behind and want to catch up because you’re not gonna want to miss out! 

I’d love to know your most recent experiences…with gratitude I thank you.

As always, much love & light xo 💚

Symbology – Indigenous Aboriginal People 



It’s been some time since I last blogged on my page and when I look back it feels like eternity.

Much has changed and occurred over these last 4-5 months that could last me a lifetime. I often forget to write about some of my spiritual experiences.  It’s not that I’m lazy, I just forget or sometimes I think well who would be interested in what I’ve got to say. 

But I’ll give you an update of what has been happening until until my last dream which contained some Indigenous symbology. 

The most common theme I’ve experienced of late has been around my peaked interest in the Indigenous Aboriginal people of this land, Australia. 

Now I can’t say before now, I’ve ever had as great of interest in this ancient culture as I have lately. I been thrusted forward with images, desires and feelings to connect to the original custodians of this great land. I’ve really been attracted to the idea of travelling to ULURU, in Northern Territory, Australia. Since then I’ve had multiple dreams and visions of being on top of this Earthly Chakra. Dreams of being propelled through the core of the earth, up through the centre of ULURU, only to be greeted by a traditional aboriginal man, in traditional dress – spear, clothing and symbols painted on the face.  My growing fascination for ULURU intensified, and Infound myself bewildered with constant dreams of the culture.  My connection was made clearer one day when visiting the crystal castle (Mullimbimby, QLD).

 I sat on a beautiful clear quartz seat, automatically charged and protected by a small village located in Northern country Italy. I envisioned myself being at the bottom of of ULURU and I was standing within a sacred circle with of indigenous men, clothed and dressed traditionally. I transformed into and hovered over a person who was now essentially “me”. I was a younger indigenous man being initiated into the circle. I drank this drink and an elder started to sing as my soul lifted out of my body and flew toward the atmosphere. I found myself transformed into tiny particles and I drifted among the  belt of Orion – the star constellation. From there I was able to shape shift and turned into little atom particles. Now I found myself in another universe, another planet. The crystal planet. Beautiful quartz crystals lined the surface as far as the eye could see, it was magical. After some time, I transported back to Earths surface and I was now in my original body, then came to out of my meditation, into my own body. 

But my most recent dream involved seeing some beautiful indigenous symbols. The first one involved me looking into a hidden cave,and inside  the walls covered onto it were multiple overlapping hand prints sprawled across. 

 The next part I dreamt, I was facing an indigenous man, painting traditional dress. He painted  three white vertical lines on my hand, my right hand to be exact. Then I saw a projection of these three lines, through my third eye. After this, I woke up.

I’ve yet to put all the pieces of the puzzle together but I do know this connection with Indigenous Aboriginal peoples is growing exponentially and my soul needs to explore this ancient culture for itself. 

Whatever it means, I’m buckling myself in for this amazing journey I’m embarking on!

With ❤️ and light xo