The magic of truth…


Imagine this:

You are a caterpillar and that’s all you know yourself to be . You are stuck on the same leaf, munching away at the same food, hardly able to move. You’ve never thought of yourself as anything but a caterpillar because that’s what you see yourself as, right? And if you never realised you are destined to transform and become even more beautiful, mobile and free, you’d be stuck as this caterpillar for the remainder of your short life.

So, what’s the point of all of this? 

The truth is, a caterpillar KNOWS it’s destined for greatness, that it will transform into something great, something magical….its main purpose is to eat on the leaves its eggs were  laid on and stay there virtually immobile until it gets large enough to then cocoon itself away, for one of their most magical transformations into butterfly.   And once it has transformed, the payoff is that it gets to share its beauty with others, to brighten up their day, to bring forth a divine magic. And to continue on this great purpose, the butterfly does what it can to reproduce, to start this cycle over again.

What can we learn from the butterfly lifecycle???

Our ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the truth will set us free, it will set us apart from others but at the same time brings us together as one; as a collective. 

Have you ever come across others who tell you something that they wanted you to believe was the truth, but slowly the lies start to unravel and you begin to see the light of truth shining through, realising that they were trying to pull the wool over your eyes?? Now in our current world, we would likely to hate this person and even try to get back at them for deceiving you. But what’s really at play here? We are so concerned about getting one up  on everyone else, to compete for time and resources in this world, that we would sacrifice our integrity / peace/ love to be able to get this. Really what we are doing is excluding others from sharing in the wealth of resources, wealth of knowledge or our shared experience, to be able to grow and transform ourselves. This comes from a place of the ego mentality, not of beautiful divine love because we are concerned with not exposing our faults, our shortcomings and how we are triggered to feel less inferior – that’s why we don’t seek the truth because we can’t see the power that this would bring.

 As we consider setting ourselves free from the shackles that hold us down, we realise we can do greater things together rather than on our own. When we transition from a 3D world, which to put it simply is thinking all about our selves on an individualistic level, to a higher existence, we begin to shed away what’s weighing us down – our lie to ourselves – and transform into beautiful beings that share a collective thought, and purpose. 

What can you do to set yourself free??

  • Give someone compassion and understanding that their actions are coming out of a place that is not filled with love – treat them better than what they are treating you because they need it the most. 
  • Acknowledge for yourself when you are sitting in the place of the ego. You can do this but taking time out to reflect on your thoughts and prayer for the answer to be felt in your heart – your heart will be filled with lightness, love and you will feel at peace.
  •   You don’t have to be spiritual to be there for another in their time of need – this means you are giving love without the expectation that you will get something in return. 
  • Have fun, worry less, experience life, eat well, dance more and try new things. Move out of the box that your called home and start to just be, go with the flow, swim with the current not against.

If you have picked up on anything from what I’ve written today, I would hope that you can see that there is enough light and love for everyone. I do hope you will come fly with me……❤️💚      


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