The right kind of love…. 



How do you know when you’ve found the one?

Are we destined to spend the rest of our lives together or do we  experience love with more than one person? 

I never questioned this idea, my belief that when I find that one person in my life to live with for the rest of my life, that they will be my one and true love. Deep in my heart I know I have found the love of my life, he may not be the first one but is certainly my last…for this lifetime anyway! 

Over the last month or so, I’ve seen and experienced with people their need for love, but on another level, a need to belong, to feel connected. But why is this topic relevant now? Well talking about love and connectedness will always be apart of our lives…but is particularly relevant more recently due to the changes happening on our planet. We are moving to a higher vibration meaning we need to start to work as a collective force, to help each other and showing, giving and sending love is one way we can do that. 

Back to the last month, I have seen everywhere I turn a desire for love. But there is always someone or something in the way… But what?

The biggest issue that always seems to occur involves our fears; our self doubt, US…now you may say that I can’t help it, I’ve experienced bad things in my life, I don’t want to get hurt again. That’s a valid point it seems however how does this self talk, ultimately OUR excuses limit our connections and our ability to experience love? It stops us from being honest with ourselves, with others, we want the other person to make the first move, to do the work because it feels one that we are always trying! Argh….. But are we? Do we give ourselves an unconscious reason to fail, for things to go bad, to say, well, they didn’t try, see I knew. And in that that, who wins? 

FEAR does…ALOT and when we aren’t changing or are unhappy in our lives 

You may have seen what FEAR stands for and seen some clever acronyms such as:

Forget everything and run OR 

Face everything and rise

Certainly the latter is more taking charge and not allowing fear to run our lives but in this context for me, Fear stands for:

– Finding excuses and reasons OR 

– False emotions appearing real.  

You often don’t realising that FEAR is presenting itself as False emotions appearing real but that’s because we can convince ourselves so easily that this is it, it’s not going to change, and so it won’t, it doesn’t. 

What can we do to experience this little thing called love?! I’m glad you asked! 

  • Take time away and really give yourself time to reflect HONESTLY. If you’re reflecting honestly, bringing awareness to your true thoughts and feelings  will  relieve physical symptoms within the gut area in particular 
  • Communicate with your partner, friend or family member and talk with them in a way THEY understand. Be empathetic, patient and forgiving. Both to the person you’re talking  with and to yourself. 
  • Never give up or expect that the other person is a mind reader or has to do everything for you; that they need to EARN your love. This is just pure laziness and expectations that are unrealistic. 
  • Never forget that the shoe may have been on the other foot at some stage. 

The above are just a few ways to allow the love in, to unlock a happier and free flowing existence. What kind of existence do you want to have today, tommorrow and forever. I know what I want and that’s love but I just gotta know know where to find it…..

Where’s your love at?? 

With love & light

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