Let it go….it no longer serves you!!


Today was such a great day, a day of learning, recognising and being aware of issues that no longer serve their purpose in our life. So beautiful!

It’s about connectedness with others and our consciousness of the world around us. I have come across 3 people today including myself that were apart of each others “life stories”. What I mean by that is as we are living our life, our lessons in life may be synchronised or shared with others and sometimes this triggers us or another persons behaviour may bother us. This is because this is our lesson to learn and this is one way we are shown this lesson. That’s the thing about connectedness, it’s a constant exchange of energy, giving us the opportunity to vibrate our energy higher, closer to that of pure love. 

So with today’s exchanges, the theme was letting go of what no longer serves you. I shared a beautiful experience with a person who thought they had released the emotions attached to a previous relationship. I could feel her energy, the emotion, hear the story. I received an image through clairvoyance and at that moment decided to send through beautiful healing divine loving energy, sending this directly to her heart using Reiki – filling the void that was just released. 

As the day progressed, more stories between us started to emerge, forgotten hurts began to bubble, and life lessons presented itself. In the end, some of the issues that no longer serves us was able to be released but there were others that came up in surprise. And what helped us to release: LOVE….

Love heals all! I never really understood that but as I choose to let go of this physical worlds low density of energy, I begin to allow LoVE to flow abundantly in my life. And that’s something I wish for you all on this day. Sending you all beautiful loving light energy 💚💚

Love and light to you all xo ❤️


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