Stalked by moths!


It has been over a week now since noticing that these two moths amongst others….well maybe not exactly THESE TWO,(but you get the point!) have been following me around the house. These are not you average size moths, this are the mummy of moths! However, I just can’t seem to. escape them, they are at every corner, everywhere I turn! No really, they are everywhere when I am, and it’s starting to freak me out!!

Okay….in all honesty it’s really not as terrible as I’m making it, but I am wondering about the recent influx of these little critters. We normally have these around but just not so many or so persistently hanging around.

What does this all mean spiritually?

Well if you understand more about the symbolic nature of a moth, you will discover that these are positive omen – well according to a lot of readings I’ve done on moths. 

Basically the moth as an animal totem is a symbol of transformation. It is about recognising the hidden, subtle messages that pop up in our every day life, being aware of what life has to offer. Letting go of the negative and releasing traits in our lives that no longer serve a purpose. 

For both my partner and I, I think this is very symbolic of where we are both at right now, just on two different spiritual paths. I feel as those the symbolism for me with always seeing the two moths is symbolic of partnership – in many forms. 

  • Transforming the partnership between my other half and I – to create a everlasting wonderful and experience filled life together. To grow interconnected like tree roots that delve deep into the earth, bound so tightly yet they both depend on each other to stay strong.
  • Transforming the partnership between ourselves and our spiritual path – I know I’m destined for more than what is currently occurring right now and I am working toward a life filled to inspire others, to help others grow and experience life to the fullest. 
  • Transforming the partnership between ourselves and our connectedness with this beautiful place we call home. It’s our connection to others, our communities and how our interactions with each other impacts us all.

There are so many lessons to learn and right now is a wonderful time of growth. It is a great reminder for all of us to stay grounded in our present moment, enjoy what we have in front of us. Don’t allow yourself to stop growing, thriving for more of yourself in this world. Take time to realise what’s important in your life and keep moving onward and upward…

I look forward to hearing about your wonderful transformations!!

Love and light to you all…

Ms. C ❤️🌹


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