Is it real or was I just dreaming?


Like every other night, I was getting ready to go to bed and checking to make sure there were no spiders on the ceiling because you see I live in a semi rural area and it has been known for spiders to mysteriously fall into the abyss, into my bed. Creeps me out just thinking of it! Ewww…..

As I was laying in bed making myself comfortable, I was just feeling so energised and wide awake, however just moments before was falling asleep in front of the TV. As I lay there with my thoughts, I begin to see figures in my bedroom. Now in the past I’ve seen figures of deceased loved ones watching over me, communicating to me. Initially I was a little taken back by this experience however I soon began to feel ease and comfort as I knew they were just looking out for me.


Now…coming back to the figures beside my bed. There were two figures that I was familiar with, and was confirmed intuitively through my third eye. However there was another two figures but these were different to what I had seen before. The energy in the room made the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention and as I stuck my hand out, I felt my hand go into pins and needles with a touch of coldness – it was a pretty warm night!

As soon as the pins and needles began, images began to show through via my third eye chakra, and I was taken back by an older indigenous aboriginal elder, dressed in traditional dress. I was taken aback as I’d never visioned any indigenous person before. As the image progressed, I found myself being shot up out of the earth from in the middle of Uluru, Northern Territory Australia. As this was happening the image of the indigenous man grew bigger and he began dancing in my direction, using his spear and singing what seemed like a traditional song.  As I continued to be shot upward, the intensity of the song and dance was more fierce and followed by a resemblance marked in the weather – lightning striking down rapidly. This continued to intensify until I was shot out to the top of Uluru.

Now, I stand by directly in front the indigenous aboriginal man and he is standing 10 times taller than me, spear up, traditional dance accompanied with a show of lightning.  I felt the verocity of the energy around me, and I lifted as I began to absorb the powerful energy around me. 

And then it was black…..

I’m not sure about what this all means but my first intuitive thought to this happening was to stand up in the face of adversity, stand strong!!

It was an amazingly delightful experience and one that will stay will me. I’d love to know your thoughts about indigenous culture and the symbolism for this. Until next time…

Love and Light…

Ms. C ❤️🌹


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