The Lady Bug – a reminder of gratitude…


Following yesterday’s post, I have received a confirmation that I need to stay on the path of gratitude. I have had a lady bug come out of my washing, onto me and stay there for a while as I stayed with my thoughts. I wondered what the lady bug meant, and I thought about the expression ‘Lady Luck’!

This serves as a confirmation for me of the abundance in my life, but also is a good reminder about what makes me happy. The little symbol of this insect gives me a massive message and reminder – something I thought I was doing but certainly can do more of. 

In staying with this thought,  another thing that stood out for me was about the enjoyment of life, and what makes me happy….Am I really pursuing my passions? Enjoying the gifts of life?  When I asked myself these questions, I couldn’t comfortably say that I was leading a fulfilling life but I can easily make it in to what I want. But I could have easily missed these signs in the every day hectic moments of my life. I chose to stop, think, be aware and intuitively pick up on what message I was being sent. 

As for YOU, there is something you could be asking yourself too..what makes you happy??

Light and love….Ms. C ❤️


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