Everything happens for a reason


I always believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes what’s difficult to pick up on is why this is happening or why it is happening now! 

And that’s what you need to think about in these moments and reflect on what’s coming up….why am I sick, even though I have been “healthy”?; why does watching a romance story make me so upset and cry so much? How come nothing is working out for me? Everything always goes wrong for me!!

If you are asking yourself these questions, if something doesn’t add up, then you are probably right – something isn’t right.

What needs to change? What have you been avoiding? What is it that you cannot see?

When your in this situation, you are going against the natural flow of life. You are pushing against your destiny. Certainly not everything is predetermined but there are some things that are just meant to happen. It is part of the reason why we come back into this lifetime, to learn the lessons we asked for. To clear the karma that we have built up from a previous lifetime. We asked for this life – to learn – to grow – to  let go.

Light at the end of the tunnel_edited-1

Whether you chose to believe it or not, whether you want to label it as destiny, our karma, bad luck – call it want you want but this is what is happening and it is happening for a reason!!! 

What can you do about it

Stop fighting against the flow, follow your path, dont turn back – there is light at the end of the tunnel, just keep moving forward. What’s the worse that can happen……….. 


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